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About Us

Welcome to Young Wonderer! My name is Michelle, founder of this family business and proud mother of two beautiful children named Olivia and William. After my first child Olivia was born, I sought out books and toys that would support her development. Discovering the benefits of high contrast black and white products for baby vision development, I was surprised at how difficult they were to find. This inspired me to create my own black and white baby boutique, and thus, Young Wonderer was born. The name "Young Wonderer" captures the essence of a child's journey, combining the boundless curiosity to wonder with the adventurous spirit to wander and explore the world

Based in Sydney, Australia, Young Wonderer offers a curated collection of black and white baby accessories, toys, and books designed to promote sensory play and foster bonding between parents and babies. I am thrilled to partner with my twin sister, Jennifer, the talented illustrator behind our products. 

We are constantly working on expanding our range with more innovative products. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on our latest releases and special offers. Thank you for joining us on this journey to nurture and inspire the youngest minds.


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